Roasted Coffee Beans

Discover the rich flavors of Vietnam with our meticulously roasted coffee beans. Immerse yourself in the bold, earthy notes that only the signature Robusta beans of Vietnam can deliver.

Ground Coffee

Experience Vietnam’s finest with our ground Robusta coffee, sourced an roasted to perfection. Savor the full bodied flavor in every cup, a testament to the Vietnamese coffee tradition.

Instant coffee

Indulge in the convenience of our Vietnamese instant coffee packets, available in five delectable flavors: Iced Coffee, Hazelnut Coffee, Black Coffee, Coconut Coffee, Amond Coffee. Elevate your coffee experience with a burst of flavors today.

Ready to drink coffee

Savor the authentic taste of Vietnam with our ready-to-drink coffee cans, expertly brewed from robusta beans. Explore a world of flavors, including classic Black Coffee, indulgent Vietnamese Iced Coffee, tempting Salted Caramel Coffee, rich French Vanilla Coffee, and the unique delight of Vietnamese Egg Coffee – All crafted in the heart of Vietnam

Vietnamese robusta coffee beans

Specialty drinks

Embark on a Journey to tropical bliss with our specialty drinks, handcrafted in the heart of Vietnam. Experience the pure refreshment of our coconut water and the invigorating spirit of our tropical energy drink, delivering a taste of paradise in every sip.

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